Pleasant-Maple Condo
Brigham House
River Forest Survey
Log House Assessment and Repairs
Naper Settlement, Naperville, IL

Condition assessment and exterior repairs of an 1843 log house moved to the Naper Settlement historic site in 1978.  It is now used as a living history exhibit of Illinois frontier life.  The assessment documented existing conditions and noted recommendations for short and long term repairs.  Repairs included borate treatments to prevent moisture decay of several logs and mock ups of the daubing in several joints to evaluate possible mixes for future use.

Project completed as a consultant to Sullivan Preservation.  Von Dreele Freerksen was the general contractor.
Log House, Naper SettlementInterior of the log house as interpreted for Illinois frontier lifeWood testing by consultant Ron AnthonyTypical deterioration of the logs and daubingDry daubing mix of lime, clay, straw and horsehairApplying daubing to a test jointSmoothing wet clay into cracks in the daubing test jointCompleted test joint using a traditional lime/clay mixInstalling borate rods to prevent moisture deterioration
Recent Projects
Garage Repairs
Pleasant Maple Condo Association, Oak Park, IL

Construction administration and owner representative services for a repair project to a concrete underground garage.  Portions of the concrete slab and ceiling were replaced and spot repairs made to deteriorated areas on columns and beams. 

Rockey Structures was the structural engineer. Zera Construction was the contractor.
Demolition of deteriorated concrete slabExposed rebar of beams after spalling concrete has been removedExposed rebar of columns after spalling concrete has been removedForms and rebar for new slab are in place.  Concrete joists that were in good condition were retained.Pouring the new slabLeveling the new slabSmoothing the new slabNew concrete slab and joists as seen from belowPatched columns
Roger Brown Home and Studio
School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Code analysis for the former home and studio of artist Roger Brown, which is now an archive of Brown's work and a museum as he left it on his death in 1997. The home and studio is located in a commercial storefront on Chicago's north side and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Because Brown's living space is left exactly as he arranged his art collection, the code analysis posed several challenges in calculating occupancy and egress in order to preserve the historic interiors.  Two open-wood stairs also required creative recommendations for code compliance.

Code analysis services provided as a consultant to Tom Bassett-Dilley Architecture.
Interior of Brown's living space showing his art collection exactly as he left it.  This space arrangement poses unique challenges for code analysis.Open wood stair linking the main gallery level with the museum of Brown's living space.  The stairs required special attention in the code analysis.
Window Restoration
Pleasant Maple Condo Association, Oak Park, IL

Architectural services for the restoration and refurbishment of the building's historic wood windows.  Window exteriors were stripped, patched and painted and storm windows refurbished.  Unit owners also had the option to have the windows weather-stripped and refurbished from the interior.  The building was built in 1929 by architects Leichenko and Esser and is a contributing structure to the Ridgeland-Oak Park Historic District. 

This project was awarded a 2012 Oak Park Historic Preservation Award for restoration.

Historic Home & Window Restoration, Inc. was the contractor.
A wood window before restoration.Wood sill needing patching and painting.A wood sill that has been patched with epoxy.Stripping paint from the windows.Window exteriors after repairs and painting.Interior window repairs in progress.  Upper sash will be reset and lower operable sash will be weather-stripped.Interior windows with new weather-stripping and insulation. Painting of the interior windows.Interior window restoration complete.  Work included new chains, new hardware and refurbished pulleys.
Fence Restoration
Pleasant Home Foundation, Oak Park, IL

Owner representative services during the restoration of the historic iron fence surrounding Mills Park.  Mills Park is the former estate of John Farson's Pleasant Home, designed by George W. Maher in 1897.  The fence was added in 1901 and also designed by Maher.  The restoration was carried out by the Park District of Oak Park and included the removal of all fencing, off-site restoration and painting, restoration of the stone base and piers and two new park entrances.  Pleasant Home is a National Historic Landmark and Oak Park Historic Landmark.  It is operated and restored by the Pleasant Home Foundation in cooperation with the Park District. 

This project was awarded a 2012 Oak Park Historic Preservation Award for restoration.

Garapolo/Maynard was the architect and Terra Engineering the engineer. Midwest Fence and Restore Masonry were the contractors.
Removing fence panels for off-site restoration.Fence panels awaiting restoration off-site.  Each panel was numbered, sandblasted, repaired as needed, primed and painted with an epoxy paint system.The limestone base was reset as needed, repointed and cleaned.Several stone piers that were out of plumb were rebuilt.The restored fence and base.
First United Methodist Church
Oak Park, IL

A comprehensive condition assessment of the church, architectural services for restoration of the bell tower and ongoing consulting for various projects.  The church was designed in 1923 by Tallmadge and Watson in the Gothic Revival style and is an Oak Park Landmark. The condition assessment evaluated exterior masonry and roof conditions, interior conditions, a review of code and life-safety issues, and a review of the mechanical systems.  During the assessment, it was determined that the stone bell tower needed emergency repairs, which were completed in the fall of 2012.  The church continues to move forward on other recommendations in the report. 

Architectural Consulting Engineers provided mechanical engineering services. The bell tower restoration work was completed by Bulley & Andrews Construction.
First United Methodist ChurchSanctuaryBell tower prior to restoration workDetail of deteriorated bell tower masonry with emergency strapping.  The finials were not pinned and were in danger of falling.Workers drilling holes for new stainless steel pins to be installed in the reconstructed finials.Workers lifting finial stones into place during the restoration
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